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Temazepam tablets to buy or order it online through the site. "We don't think this type of behavior is something we should be encouraging," says Dr. Charles Nemeroff, director of the Behavioral Medical Research Program at Duke University Medical Center. "The idea of providing high doses sedatives to teenagers on the Internet is really an ethical dilemma. We certainly want to prevent this sort of behavior." Researchers say it's likely many of these teenagers aren't abusing the medication, however. It's just being used in a way that creates risk for something more damaging. "If someone's making a mistake at home in way that is not harmful but when you drive and get on the freeway, what you take turns on the car," says Professor of Psychiatry and Mental Health at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Mark S. Baer. "... We can't really go out and say people shouldn't drive," he says. "Kids say it's fun and making friends. You know, they're looking to their friends and having fun." Parents of the teens who got high on OxyContin are understandably concerned. "Kids say it's fun and making friends. You know, they're looking to their friends and having fun," says Andrea Kornelius, mother of a 16-year-old daughter and friend of one those teens, to ABC News. In fact, one of Treneshia's friends died after a car crash caused by taking prescription medicine. "That's heartbreaking but, you know, there are a lot of drugs out there and this is a problem, too," says Kornelius. "I feel bad about it, because it's medicine, but what it is. It's a life lesson," says one of Treneshia's friends, who did not want to be identified protect her daughter's identity. But parents say they are making sure their teens know what they might be putting into their body while they are using methamphetamines. One 16-year-old in South Carolina says her mother made sure she knew that shouldn't be swallowing pills -- those are to be smoked on a bong and not taken orally. "I told her that we'd be watching and made sure she knows, you know, don't take the pills, they're not medicine," said K.G. Carter to ABC News. Some states provide a list of prescription drugs that aren't allowed on school grounds or in car windows. The teenagers who got hooked on prescription OxyContin were taken off the medication after their parents sent them letters letting know the state had placed drugs in a drug monitoring program. addition, Treneshia's father and grandfather in Tennessee were arrested after testing positive for oxycodone. Their son has since been released without charges. Dr. Nemeroff at Duke says that OxyContin users aren't necessarily going to be long-term abusers of the drug, although he doubts if they would remain on it. "It's going to be a short term period and it's possible the Temazepam 30mg 360 pills US$ 1,040.00 US$ 2.89 kids won't use it anymore. In fact, just the fact that they still may use it could indicate very serious drug problems," he says. Even so, says, it's important to keep these kinds of drugs from going to kids without parents. "People who need the Where can i buy temazepam tablets uk medication for medical reasons need to ask doctors that medicine be given to those people and not available to somebody who maybe isn't sick but the doctors could be so blinded by popularity to not be aware of the dangers this medication and its abuse potential." Nemeroff said that when schools and parents make a concern about such drug abuse public, it can increase awareness. "I think the risk is a much greater problem when the issue is out there, when children find other people talking about it and they read articles where it's discussed," he said. However, Nemeroff says doctors need to be aware that this medication does have abuse potential, and says they must be careful in how they advise a teenager's family about whether or not they should be on it. "You need to know what your own boundaries are when it comes to your young patients," he says. "You don't want it to go into their bloodstream."
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