Runaway Inequality and the Crisis in U.S. Health Care

Runaway Inequality and the Crisis in U.S. Healthcare is an in-depth examination of the U.S. healthcare system developed specifically for union audiences. It explores:

  • How our healthcare system compares to other countries, and who really benefits from it
  • How healthcare costs affect collective bargaining
  • How our system isn’t designed to deliver healthcare; it’s designed to deliver profits. 
  • How our healthcare system deepens runaway inequality.
  • How we can afford to provide good health care for everyone. 
  • The jobs related to healthcare insurance that would be eliminated under Medicare for All and how the labor movement can fight for a fair and equitable transition for those workers. 
  • Lessons from the Canadian healthcare system.
  • How we’ll win excellent, affordable healthcare for everyone.

Developed in partnership with Les Leopold and Kris Raab, Labor Institute.